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Pet Photography Perth

Growing up, my family always had animals. Actually, we had a menagerie of animals but my favourite was the family dog Buddy.

He was a best friend to our whole family. Buddy was there to greet us after a hard day at work or school and he was always excited to see us.

Of course, that was 30 years ago so Buddy is no longer with us. But I still have photos of Buddy and fondly remember our loyal and faithful family friend.

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Photographic Memories of Your Pets

Because dogs and cats aren’t just pets. For most people, they are a much loved member of the family. Here at Image Portrait Studio, we understand the importance of including your beloved fur baby in the family photograph.

Our skilled photographers are experts at capturing your cat’s cheeky nature or your playful pup’s personality.

Photographs of you with your furry, quirky and lovable family members are the perfect addition to your home. After all, nothing says ‘we love you’ quite like a stunning portrait of your pet.

The Studio

We understand photographs are some of the most valuable treasures in your home. Our award-winning photographers are skilled at capturing your fur baby’s unique personality and creating stunning artwork to display in your home.

At Image Portrait Studio, we believe in creating playful and unforgettable mementoes of your cherished pet which you’ll look back on in years to come.

The studio showcases stunning, custom designed photographic products that will become an adorable talking point in your home.

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After all, pets deserve photos too.

So start creating your own memories today.