Family Photography

The Power of a Photograph

From a young age, I understood the power of a photograph. Photographs tell stories, evoke emotions, reveal traumas and happiness. A simple photo can make you laugh, make you cry and bring you joy.

More importantly, a photograph can tell you a family’s history, even decades later.

Growing up, I was surrounded by photographs, particularly at my Grandma’s house.

Whenever I visited her house I would stare at her walls, covered in photographs of all our family members. Many people I’d never met and some no longer with us.

But still, I felt a strong connection to my past and to my history. I felt an overwhelming sense of belonging to something bigger than just my family unit.
And it always brought me comfort.

Such is the power of photography and it still resonates with me today.

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Your Life, Your Legacy

A family photo reveals so much about the people in it. A photo of a little boy with an impish grin reveals a mischievous personality. Or a portrait of your grandparents gazing adoringly at each other, hints at a lifetime of love and offers a glimpse at the young couple they once were.

Our family photography sessions are designed to capture your family’s unique personalities, from cheeky toddlers, boisterous kids, and even the aloof teens.

But most importantly, loving photos of children with their parents, who far too often, remain behind the camera.

It doesn’t matter what stage of life you and your children are in. Whether they’re babies, toddlers, school age, awkward teens or adults.

All these moments matter.

They’re an important part of your history and your children’s history.

It’s your children’s journey through life and one day, they’ll look back on these photos with affection.

They’ll feel a connection and a sense of belonging.

Just like I did as a child.

So, now is the time to preserve your memories. Book your family session now.

The Studio

There are no boring photographic sessions in our studio. We understand people love to laugh, have unique personalities, families have different dynamics and children can be…well, little rascals. 

We know your family photos should reflect these elements so we make sure to capture each family member’s character, quirks and personality. 

And because photos are often the most treasured items in your home, our award-winning photographers go to extreme lengths to ensure your family portraits are an accurate representation of your loved ones. 

After all, you don’t want imposters hanging on your walls, do you?

At Image Portrait Studio we make our family photography sessions relaxed, fun and enjoyable, so it’s easy to capture authentic and unforgettable memories your family will cherish.

The studio showcases stunning, custom designed photographic products your friends will envy and will become a talking point in your home.

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Today is the perfect time to record precious moments of your family’s laughter, love and affection for each other.

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