Couples Photography

Image Portrait Studio is an East Perth-based photography studio. We specialise in couples photography, and we are privileged to document images of couples from their engagements through to their wedding days, and, later on, the new additions to their families.

Actions speak louder than words and we capture those actions, which convey a multitude of emotions when there is a lot of love involved. There is nothing quite like being privy to the celebration of love between a couple. Our award-winning photographers capture the essence of what is not said, but rather shown.

We encourage couples to chat to us first and tell us what your vision is. We are on hand to turn that into a reality, and ensure you are completely satisfied with a collection of memories and images that we will provide.

Image Portrait Studio photographers are highly qualified and have many years’ experience in capturing eclectic and natural styles, unique idiosyncrasies, and straightforward celebrations of love.

Contact us at Image Portrait Studio for all your couples photography needs.