The Experience

Welcome to the Image Portrait Studio. Take your time to watch the video above of our studio tour and read all about the studio experience below. This will help you understand what we do a little better. Then fill out the contact form and we will help create the perfect portrait experience for you and your family.  We hope to hear from you soon.

1. Book Your Session

Now that you’ve decided you’d like to capture your loved ones and hold those memories in safe keeping it is time to reserve a spot and book your photographic session with one of our award winning photographers. Give us a call on 92211433 and one of our booking consultant will help you to find a suitable time and answer all your questions.

2. Discovery Call

A friendly and informal call with our designing consultant prior to your appointment will help you and the photographer to be prepared and excited about your photographic session. Taking the time to understand our clients is what sets our Photography studio apart. No shoot is exactly the same because no family is exactly the same. By getting to know each other we will find out what makes your family and loved ones so special so that the photos will reflect your personality. Our aim is for you to treasure the images forever

3. Your Session

You’ll be all prepared and fully ready with any props that we’ve planned. Make sure you bring your fur baby on the baby! You will meet the photographer who will make you feel completely at ease. You will love the experience! We allow one hour for the photoshoot . This sounds like a long time, but will go in a flash ( pun intended ) as we work together to capture the images we’ve spoken about in the discovery call. This gives us plenty of time for changes of clothing, and of course the fun of working with children and pets.

4. Your Design Session

Our studio is equipped with a theatre room and design area. Once the shoot is complete, you will relax for 15 minutes with a tea or coffee while your images are getting ready for the viewing. now the really fun part begins. Together we watch the custom slideshow of all of your gorgeous images. We are there with you to give you 1:1 help advice in creating custom artwork to suit your home that perfectly captures and represents the essence of who you are.

5. Artwork Collection

Your Beautiful Artwork is ready and made into custom archival artwork. This process can take few weeks depending on the artwork we designed together. As soon as it’s back to the studio and checked by our production team we will be in touch to arrange collection.

Please fill out the form below to receive our Welcome guide with Price and Products.

Or give us a call on 92211433 and one of our booking consultants will help you to find a suitable time and answer all your questions.