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Individual portraits have long been considered an art form due to the many individual styles shown by photographers. Image Portrait Studio’s award-winning photographers are highly qualified and have many years’ experience in styling, capturing and displaying the beauty of their subjects.

Personal photo shoots are exciting and we do everything to ensure your experience is positive and fruitful. Image Portrait’s fully equipped studio in East Perth has everything to make your vision a reality. Our ethos is based around capturing the natural personality and bringing that to life through classic images. Our clients have various reasons for pursuing photography sessions with us, from wanting to just feel great and have images to project that feeling, to new beginnings. Image Portrait Studio has the skills to help you celebrate your life.

Our clients range from models that need to update their portfolios, to individuals who want images that are a reflection of the true self. Personal photo shoots can be an extremely rejuvenating experience for many because they are the perfect opportunity to capture a side that most individuals keep under wraps. Image Portrait Studio provides photos, and an experience, to fondly look back on and cherish.

If you are looking for a lifestyle shoot that reflects your personality, or a shoot that places your alter-ego front and centre, Image Portrait Studio comes highly recommended.

For your personalised portrait session contact Image Portrait Studio. We are happy to assist you.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Great fun at the shoot. We were really excited to bring our passions to the pictures. We will definitely come back
A wonderful experience for my family
Thank you so much for our first and unforgettable photo shoot experience. Great work !

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