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Photographs tell stories. Your stories. Your moments. Your history.

Hi there! I’m Robert and I’m the photographer at Image Portrait Studio in Perth. That’s me in the photos with my family and our puppy Milo !

And on the image below Haila and Hope two of the most talented photographers around that joined the team few months ago!

Growing up I remember always being surrounded by photos. I’d visit my Grandma’s house and there, in one section of her lounge room was ‘the photo corner’. Scattered everywhere, over Grandma’s sideboard and corner tables, were photo frames.

So many little frames with every family member from grandkids, siblings and aunts and uncles. We were all there, proudly on display.

We grandkids called it ‘the love spot’. Because those photos instilled a sense of belonging and love in all of us. And we never tired of looking at Grandma’s photo collection.

The power of a photograph.

I realised from a young age the power of photography. Apart from Grandma’s photo collection, I was fascinated by the photographs in Vogue, Elle, and National Geographic.
And I soon understood the power of photography.

A simple photograph could tell someone’s entire life story, reveal a forgotten history, and evoke emotions in anyone who viewed them.

I was hooked.

Which is how my photography journey began.

I’ve always been a visual person and when I was just 14 years old, my Dad gave me a camera. Of course, this was back in the days of film, but I was mesmerised at the thought of capturing people and their stories on a small 35mm piece of film.

So, I set about studying the art of photography. I completed photography courses, became a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and even earned my Master of Photography, by winning a variety of photographic awards.

Which was awesome!

But before long, I realised I had a gift for capturing authentic moments, real emotions and best of all, people having fun.

I loved it, I was good at it and people loved the photographs I captured for them.
So, my photography business was born.

The WHY – It gets me out of bed every day.

In the beginning I worked as a wedding photographer and while I loved sharing in the buzz and excitement of a wedding day, I was drawn to capturing moments.

My mind kept wandering back to Grandma’s special photo-filled corner of her house. And it wasn’t so much the photos but the feeling those photos gave us. I wanted other families to feel that same sense of belonging and connection whenever they looked at one of my photographs.

So, I gradually transitioned towards family photography. And it felt like my calling.

I found my purpose.

That feeling was reinforced when one day, I photographed a teenage boy. He was your typical boy, entering the teen years but not quite there yet. He was in that awkward stage between boy and young man.

But it was a significant stage and a time worth capturing.

The in-between years are fleeting, and while we all want them to pass when we’re in them, we eventually look back and celebrate our transformation.

So, I spent some time getting to know him. We bonded over a few jokes and laughs, and soon this shy young man relaxed.

Before my eyes, his confidence grew with each pose and every photo. And this young boy/man – he totally rocked his session.

I was stoked because teens can be tricky to photograph if you don’t take the time to get to know them. But it was his Mum’s reaction that got me.

A few weeks later she called and told me how her son was bullied at school.

And up until recently, he’d become withdrawn, unhappy, and lost his self-esteem. But after his photo shoot, there was a shift.

He regained confidence. And he felt cool. He loved his portraits. According to his Mum, ‘he was changed’.

Again, I was reminded of the power of photography.

The studio today

The studio needed to be a place of comfort. Where people could relax, be themselves, and rock their photography sessions.

I wanted to replicate that homely feeling, the one from my youth and the feeling we have in our home.

So, the studio is a place of comfort, a quaint and welcoming room in a cottage house. Clients are instantly at ease in the studio, which makes it easy to capture fun, relaxed and authentic moments.

And because of my photo filled childhood, the entire studio is filled with stunning artwork, hero pieces cover the walls, all sourced from the finest professional manufactures in Australia.

Because this is the gift I want to share with families. I help them create their own ‘love spot’ on the walls of their home.

A special wall or section of your house that makes you happy, lifts your mood and gives you a sense of belonging.

Just by looking at your family’s artwork. It instils confidence. And helps you remember your value and worth.

Just by looking at a photograph. Because that’s the power of photography.

And it’s the absolute best, most rewarding thing I can do.

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